last updated: April 1, 2017
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Omaha Security Systems's recognizes that our company’s greatest strength is our total commitment to serving our clients promptly and satisfactorily, which may differ us from others. We know the security alarm and access control business is a service business. 
And that’s our pledge to our clients… we’ll be there to help you whenever you need us!
You’ll be pleased when you call Omaha Security and see how little it can cost to enjoy security in your home or office.
Don’t you and your family deserve the peace of mind that Omaha Security can provide?
You hear about it all the time. But the stories of tragedy never really hit home until something happens to you. It’s not a question of IF something will happen, but rather WHEN your sense of security will be violated. Now is the time to secure your valuables and preserve your way of life with a home security system from Omaha Security Systems. You'll find it all at O.S.S.I., from monitored smoke and fire alarms to carbon monoxide detectors and home security alarm systems to personal safety devices and audio verification. Your home security system is professionally installed by highly trained and experienced installers. Take comfort in knowing that people like yourselves rely on us for their protection.
Security when you need it most